A trip to explore the architecture of A. Palladio in Vicenza

Vicenza became famous thanks to the architect Andrea Palladio and his acolytes who created the majority of the palaces, towers, buildings and one theatre of the historic town centre and surroundings. We’ll visit the Teatro Olimpico, one of the artistic wonders of Vicenza; the Palazzo Chiericati (Town Museum), the most spectacular civilian residence designed by Palladio today and currently seat of the Vicenza town museum; the Basilica Palladiana, which was the ancient City Hall of the late Gothic period; the Loggia del Capitaniato dedicated to Giovanni Battista Bernardo, which was the old seat of the military representative of the Venetian republic; the Casa Pigafetta, a pleasant Gothic building, which was the house where Antonio Pigafetta lived, the chronicler who accompanied Magellan on his voyage around the globe. Then our stroll continues on the Corso Palladio, with its late Gothic and Renaissance Palaces like Palace Braschi-Brunello, Palace Thiene, Palace Barbaran Da’ Porto. We’ll also be able to visit the many beautiful villas located in the surroundings of Vicenza, like the villa Almerico Capra, Palladio’s most famous villa, which was once the set of some scenes from the movie “Don Giovanni”; the Villa Valmarana ai Nani; the villa at Caldogno's. We can also go up to the Berico mountain, from which you can have an unforgettable overall view of Vicenza.

Our itinerary includes:

  • The sanctuary of Monte Berico and the masterpiece by A. Veronese
  • The famous “Rotonda”
  • the Villa Valmarana ai Nani
  • The Olympic Theatre
  • Corso Palladio (the main road) and its palaces
  • The "Basilica" by Palladio, piazza dei Signori and the tower of the family Bissara.

Half day trip: 2.5/ 3 hrs.
Full day trip: 6 hrs.

Must be booked in advance:
  • the villa Valmarana ai Nani
  • the villa Capra
  • other villas by request
  • villa in Caldogno

Must be paid for at the entrance:
  • the villa Valmarana ai Nani
  • the villa Capra
  • other villas by request
  • the "Teatro Olimpico"
  • the "palazzo Chiericati"
  • other palaces
  • villa in Caldogno

Transport: only by private bus

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