A trip to discover medieval and fortified towns

This trip starts in Valsanzibio in the Euganean Hills, which is known for its golf club and its enchanting park.

Valsanzibio is famous for Villa Barbarigo with its world-renowned maze. After having visiting Valsanzibio, we'll go to Arquà Petrarca, an enchanting small medieval town. In the XIV century Francesco Petrarca, a famous Italian poet, lived and died in Arquà. Once we’ve visited Arquà we’ll go to Monselice, famous for its seven churches and the Cini castl, which houses a famous armory.

Just minutes from Monselice, we'll visit Este next. Here the remains of a medieval castle are still visible.

The local museum is renowned for housing the artifacts from early Veneto settlements and the objects displayed in the several halls which came from homes, necropolises and places of worship.

Este is also famous for its cathedral, which contains a masterpiece by Tiepolo. At the end of the trip, we'll have the possibility to try some local wine and regional products (various sausages and cheeses) in a typical inn of the Euganean Hills.

  • Arquà Petrarca: in the footsteps of the Italian poet F.Petrarca
  • Este: on the path of the first French troubadours and some English poets and the masterpiece by the painter G.B. Tiepolo
  • Monselice: Frederick's watch tower and "Cà Marcello" known as Cini's castle
  • Montagnana: the most beautiful medieval city wall of Europe and one of Europe’s best preserved
  • Valsanzibio: the Villa Barbarigo
  • Battaglia Terme: the villa Selvatico
  • Visit of "Cataio" in Battaglia Terme

Half day trip: 2,5/3 hrs.
Full day trip: 6 hrs.

Must be booked in advance:
  • the park in Valsanzibio
  • Cini castle
  • the inn in the Euganean hills
  • the "Cataio" in Battaglia Terme

The following sites require payment at the entrance:
  • the park in Valsanzibio
  • Cini castle
  • the inn in the Euganean hills
  • the "Cataio" in Battaglia Terme

Transport: only by private bus

Arqua Petrarca panorama
Arqua Petrarca Centro Storico