A walk back into the glorious past of Venice through the Villas of the Aristocracy

For this excursion we're going to discover the 80 villas which were built on both banks of the Brenta Canal. They are a combination of summer residences and farmhouses at which aristocratic families spent their summer holidays. We’ll visit the Villa Pisani, also called Nazionale, an immense country palace surrounded by an 11-hectare park. The next marvellous villa is the Widmann Foscari, which is a delight for admirers of the French Rococo style. The last one is the Villa Foscari at Malcontenta, a pleasure villa designed in 1559 by Palladio. The main hall was decorated with allegoric representations and trompes-l’oeil. This excursion can be done by boat or by bus.
By boat the trip will take 7 hours because the boat goes through locks and swing bridges to finally reach the Giudecca Canal. From this vantage point, you’ll have an enchanting view of Venice. By bus the trip will be shorter and less expensive. Private boats can only be rented for groups of at least 40 people.

  • Visit of the villa Pisani
  • Visit of the villa Foscarini-Rossi with its famous shoe museum
  • Visit of the villa Valmarana
  • Visit of villa Foscari known as “ La Malcontenta”

Half day trip: 3.5 hrs.
Full day trip: 8 hrs.

Must be booked in advance:
  • Villa Pisani
  • Villa Foscarini-Rossi and the shoe museum
  • Villa Widmann-Foscari
  • Villa Malcontenta
  • other villas by request

The following sites require payment at the entrance:
  • the Villa Pisani
  • the villa Foscarini-Rossi and the shoe museum
  • the villa Widmann-Foscari
  • the villa Malcontenta
  • other villas by request

Transport: only by private bus or by private boat

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