Exploring the Region of Veneto

Nicoletta Bulian is Italian, from Padua. She is a licensed English-speaking tour guide and tour leader of the Veneto region. She also speaks German, French and Spanish. She works most often in the area of the Euganean Hills, near Padua, Vicenza and surroundings. She also organizes excursions to explore the Venetian Lagoon, the Venetian gentry country houses located on the banks of the Brenta canal between Padua and Venice, excursions to the fabulous Palladian villas that inspired Inigo Jones and Thomas Jefferson’s farmer and country houses, and excursions to some charming little historical towns of the eastern Veneto region.

Here you can find some suggestions for daily excursions and walks that you can book as an individual as well as for groups:
  • Padua and The Euganean Hills
  • Medieval and fortified towns: Este; Monselice, Cittadella and Montagnana
  • Vicenza and surroundings
  • Bassano Marostica and Riviera Berica
  • The Villas on the Brenta Canal
  • The Venetian Lagoon and some of its islands
  • Eastern Veneto Region
Contact Nicoletta Bulian for more information.
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